New Caledonia Travel Guide
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Virtual Reality Memory Spheres of Places in New Caledonia

Sphere images of New Caledonia rivers and forests | Sphere images of New Caledonia Hotels
Sphere Images of New Caledonia Reefs and the New Caledonia Lagoon

Click on the spheres to see virtual reality images of New Caledonia.

This will open in a new window so you can go on browsing on this site while it downloads. If you have a fast broadband connection they take about 10 to 20 seconds.

Once the image has downloaded, be sure to click on the control button with the crossed arrows. This will open the full screen image, then click and drag on the image to look in any direction.



cathedral noumea

St. Joseph Cathedral, Nouméa


ATR 72-500 Air Caledonie

Air Caledonie ATR 72-500


Kuto Beach with Air Caledonie inflight gifts

Air Caledonie souvenirs

Kanua Restaurant, Port Boise, New Caledonia

Kanua Restaurant, Port Boisé

Saturday Festival in Noumea

Saturday Festival in Noumea

14th of July in Noumea

14th of July in Noumea


Noumea Yacht Charter, Noumea, New Caledonia

Nouméa Yacht Charter


aircalin office noumea

Aircalin Office Noumea


Port Moselle Marina, Noumea, New Caledonia

La Capitainerie, Port Moselle Marina


New Caledonia Culture - the Mwa Kaa monument

Mwa Kaa Monument, Noumea


Laperouse monument Noumea

Laperouse Monument, Noumea


restaurant le 360°, Anse Vata, Noumea

360 Restaurant, Anse Vata, Nouméa


Baie des Citrons Beach Noumea

Baie des Citrons Beach, Nouméa


New Caledonia Sphere Images

There are over 230 panoramic images of New Caledonia on and you can also see them when viewing New Caledonia on Google Earth by clicking on the small red squares.