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Internet in New Caledonia

MicroLogic Systems

Connect to the Internet with your mobile phone without having an account! Or get a special "foreign yacht" account by the month and save (French only).


A Kaleidoscope of websites in New Caledonia organized into special subjects. Websites for boating, diving and yachts are found here.

Cruising in the Pacific Islands

Cruising Vanuatu

Cruising guide to Vanuatu, vanuatu weather, vanuatu tides, vanuatu ports of entry and clearance information

Cruising New Caledonia

Cruising guide to New Caledonia, New Caledonia weather, New Caledonia ports of entry

Sailing news, information and equipment with companion sites in Asia, New Zealand, and the USA.


Excellent site with information on cruising all over the world. You will find every South Pacific Country including New Caledonia, Vanuatu, PNG, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Australia, Samoa. Plus every other cruising destination in the world, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and more.

Sailing and Sailboat Books

Sailing books for sailboat owners and enthusiasts covering cruising, racing, Learn to Sail, Buying a sailboat, Maintenance, Navigation, Advanced topics and Magazines.

Sailing schools and sail training


Tourism in the Pacific Islands

Moon Handbooks

Visit David Stanley's website for details on Moon Handbooks South Pacific, The site has News, Travel Information, links and travel tips on all the Pacific Islands.



Tourism and adventure travel sites

Travel Guide Community

Travellerspoint is a free worldwide travel community with tools and services to help travellers before, during and after their trip.

Superyacht Charter and Information

Mediterranean yacht charter

Specialists in luxury charter yachts in the Mediterranean.