Accommodations on Grande Terre New Caledonia

The Rocket Travel Guide to accommodations on Grande Terre
Outside of Noumea

Naina Park Spa La Foa New Caledonia

Travel Guide to Grande Terre New Caledonia Accomodations outside of Noumea

Accommodation on Grande Terre outside of Noumea primarily caters to Noumea residents who frequent the small facilities on weekends and holidays. The accommodations are often booked solid on weekends and holidays or when there is a festival or other event. Become an expert today.

Teiti Terra Resort Grand Terre New Caledonia

Rocket Tourism Guide to Accommodations outside of Noumea for International Guests

Only a few of the hotels  outside of Noumea are set up  for the International market with English speaking staff.
However, most facilities do have someone who speaks English and can answer questions and emails; but they may not do so well on the phone. Find out more.

Travel Guide to Camping on Grande Terre New Caledonia

Travel Guide to Managed Camping Sites on Grande Terre New Caledonia

The Rocket Guide shows many managed camp sites around Grande Terre.
Camping is popular with Noumea residents and the camp sites are very nice, kept clean, with toilets, showers, and often a small shop for supplies and firewood. See where they are.

Rocket Travel Guide for Grande Terre Accommodations