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Car Rental Guide

Guide to Rental Cars in New Caldonia

There are 19 car rental agencies in Noumea, 6 with desks at Tontouta International Airport, Lifou has 6 rental car agencies, Ouvea has 4 rental car agencies, Mare has 2 car rental agencies and there are 5 car rental agencies in the Isle of pines. The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia lists all of these with their exact location, full contact details, web sites and email addresses.

Urban Transport in Noumea

Public Buses in New Caledonia

Karuia Bus provides day and night bus service throughout Noumea and it's suburbs. It also provides tourism routes and sightseeing tours. Buy tickets from automatic dispensers (costs less than paying when boarding). Locations of ticket machines, bus stops and bus routes are shown in the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia.

long distance buses in New Caledonia

Grande Terre Buses

Rai Bus provides 40 long distance buses with 25 routes covering all of Grande Terre.
The coaches have comfortable seats with seat belts, air conditioning and video systems. The RAI network offers an affordable way of touring Grande Terre.

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