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New Caledonia hotels, Noumea accommodation, new caledonia resorts and gites - Hébergement Nouvelle Calédonie

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noumea hotels

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Two kinds of New Caledonia accommodation

New Caledonia has two kinds of travel accommodation; Accommodation primarily set up for international tourists and accommodation that primarily caters to residents of New Caledonia. Of course there is considerable overlap and all New Caledonia hotels and resorts happily accept both international visitors and local clientele.

New Caledonia Accommodation for International visitors

This kind of accommodation includes both holiday short stay and apartment style rooms for longer stays and business trips to New Caledonia. These are primarily two to five star Noumea Hotels and resorts and, to a lesser extent, the small hotels in Isle of Pines, and in the loyalty islands : Lifou, Ouvea, and Mare.

Examples of New Caledonia's International tourism accommodation include:


l'Escapade Island Resort, Noumea, New Caledonia, a four star, luxury resort on Ilot Maitre with overwater bungalows.. l'Escapade Island Resort noumea new caledonia

The Hilton La Promenade Noumea Hotel New Caledonia, a 4 star hotel in Anse Vata, right across from the Anse Vata beach. This is an "apartment" style hotel with studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments - each with a full size kitchen and a balcony overlooking Anse Vata beach and the lagoon.

Noumea hotel la promenade

Nouvata Park Hotel Noumea New Caledonia - a 2-3 star, three hotel complex with the largest swimming pool in New Caledonia.

le parc hotel noumea new caledonia

More information on Noumea Hotels New Caledonia


Local travel accommodation in New Caledonia

Most of the New Caledonia accommodation outside of Noumea caters to residents of Noumea and to business travelers (especially those that work for the nickel mines). There are also "local" hotels and gites in Noumea which are listed in the Rocket Travel Guide to New Caledonia CD.

Of course the hotels and gites (small accommodation) that survive on the business from New Caledonia residents also welcome international guests and many of them, like Naina Park Hotel in La Foa, are really very nice boutique places in country locations.

Click on the sphere below to see a "memory bubble" of the Naina Park Hotel in La Foa.

New Caledonia Accommodation on Grande Terre
click for a sphere image of Naina Park Hotel, La Foa

New Caledonia's local travel accommodation includes small hotels in Noumea, a large number of small hotels and "gites" scattered throughout the large island of Grande Terre and in the Isle of Pines and the loyalty islands Loyalty Islands (Lifou accommodation, Ouvea accommodation, and Mare accommodation). These are small hotels, resorts and gites. Most of the small hotels in rural areas are fully booked on the holidays and weekends but normally have plenty of rooms available on weekdays. If you are booking from abroad, avoid booking on a major holiday.

General information about New Caledonia Hotels - Nouvelle Calédonie Hôtels

New Caledonia has 55 hotels, with 19 of these located in Noumea. There is an official star rating system from "no stars" to 5 stars. Star ratings are assessed annually by the tourism offices of the three provinces. "No stars" are often an indication that the hotel caters mostly to local clients and has not applied for an international star rating. Hotels are generally one or more large buildings each with a number of rooms. Smaller hotels are sometimes called motels.

New Caledonia resorts

Larger resorts, like l'Escapade Island Resort Noumea, are 4 star resorts with a full compliment of holiday resort facilities and activities.

New Caledonia Youth Hostel

There is a youth hostel in Noumea but no real backpacker accommodation. Budget accommodation includes "Gîtes" and camping grounds.

New Caledonia Gîtes

New Caledonia has a variety of small "resort" style places to stay. These are divided into Gîte, Relais, Auberge, home stay, farm stay, and tribal stays. There is no absolute dividing line between these and a visitor would be hard pressed to decide what the difference was. In general, all of them are "bungalows" - some air conditioned, some not, some made of modern materials, some from traditional thatch, some with ensuites, some with shared toilet facilities. And some that have all of these options plus camping.

New Caledonia Camping

Unlike most Pacific island nations, New Caledonia enjoys a large number of camping grounds. "Camping Aménager" (managed camping grounds) provide toilets, showers, BBQ areas, and fire wood. They generally charge by the car but some of the more up-market ones charge by the person. There are also free, non-managed camp sites, especially in the Grand Sud. Camping and Trekking are very popular with Noumea residents, which means you can buy tents and camping equipment at very excellent prices, rent a car, and spend a week or two camping throughout New Caledonia on the very smallest of budgets.

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