Travel Guide to Activities in New Caledonia

Rocket Travel Guide for What to do in New Caledonia

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Guide to New Caledonia Beaches

Guide to New Caledonia Beaches

Go to the beach. New Caledonia has some great beaches, often with nobody else on them. Check them out in Virtual Reality and see where they are on the Rocket Guide

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Holiday Travel Guide to Dive Centers in New Caledonia

Guide to the New Caledonia Diving Centers

There are active dive centers throughout New Caledonia and the reef and wreck dives are not to be missed. You'll find all the dive centers and their dive offerings on the Rocket Guide.

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Travel Guide to Boat Excursions In New Caledonia

Travel Guide to New Caledonia Boat Excursions

You can charter a yacht, hire a water taxi or go on the famous MaryD lagoon excursion to bliss out on the world's largest lagoon. Want to know more?

Yacht Charter in New Caledonia
Watersports in New Caledonia

Travel Guide to New Caledonia Watersports

Water skis, kayaks, small sail boats, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing - you'll find out where to hire them on the Rocket Guide.

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New Caledonia Weddings

Planning guide to Weddings in New Caledonia

French weddings in Noumea are pretty impressive but they can also be a little complicated. The Rocket Guide has a special section on weddings

New Caledonia Weddings
Guide to sights to see in New Caledonia

Guide to Sights to See in New Caledonia

New Caledonia has lots of cultural sights to see, museums to visit, and tour guides to take you to visit them.

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Travel information on New Caledonia cultural events

Guide to New Caledonia Cultural Events

New Caledonians love celebrations and there are special events held throughout New Caledonia for all sorts of occasions.

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Guide to the Parks and Reserves in New Caledonia

Guide to the Parks and Reserves in New Caledonia

New Caledonia has 43 parks and reserves, including marine reserves and huge land areas set aside as wildlife sanctuaries.

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Planning your treks in New Caledonia with the Rocket Travel Guide

Plan a New Caledonia Wilderness Trek

There are hundreds of kilometers of walking trails throughout New Caledonia's wilderness areas, you'll find them on the Rocket Guide.

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New Caledonia Team Sports

Participate in Team Sports and Contests in New Caledoonia

Windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, raids, canoe races, New Caledonia hosts multiple high energy sporting contests often with hundreds of participants.

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New Caledonia Golf Courses

Pick a New Caledonia Golf Course

New Caledonia has three world class golf courses, professionally maintained, challenging fairways and spectacular scenery.

New Caledonia Golf
Horseback riding in New Caledonia

Find the best Horseback Riding stables in New Caledonia

Horse back riding stables are scattered throughout New Caledonia and they offer wilderness trails of outstanding beauty.

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