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Using the New Caledonia photos from the Rocket Guide

The images on the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia and in the New Caledonia image libraries are copyrighted. Unless the image is credited to another source, the images were taken by Frederique and Richard Chesher and the images are


The images from the current edition of the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia may be used for the promotion of the properties and activities shown on the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia so long as the photo use conditions are adhered to.

Photo use conditions:

The images on the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia are available for sale on and associated photo libraries. Once a photo has been downloaded successfully there are no refunds.

NOTE: We use technology that places an invisible copyright watermark in the image. This can't be removed or altered and it can be traced over the Internet and read from printed images. Failure to use the copyright notice and failure to link web site images constitutes an agreement to pay US$500 per use.

The New Caledonia Photo Library

The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia makes these images, and many more, available in very high resolution. You can obtain any of the images on the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia in the New Caledonia Photo Library. There are three separate libraries, one for general images of New Caledonia (people, wilderness and wildlife photos, best images), a photo library for New Caledonia Hotels and accommodation photos , and a photo library for New Caledonia tours and activities.

Use of the image(s):

Photos you purchase and download from the Rocket Guide websites may be used for print media or on internet web pages providing the copyright notice "photo ©Chesher" is placed near or on the image. On websites this credit must be a hyperlink to There is no limit to the number of publications or web pages the image may be used on so long as the publications and web pages are produced by the person or company that purchased the images.

If all the images on a printed page, or a web page, are from the Rocket Guide, one credit can be placed on the bottom of the page as follows, "photos©CHESHER." On websites this credit must be a hyperlink to

In books or magazines, photo credits may be given on a separate photo credit page provided the page where the image is displayed is referenced along with the credit.

You may not give or sell the digital image(s) to anyone else for any reason. You may not re-distribute the high resolution images in digital form to a third party.

Other uses or exceptions:

Any other use of the images or exceptions to the above conditions requires permission from Richard Chesher.


By downloading photo(s) from the New Caledonia photo libraries or using the images obtained in any other way, you agree to comply with the photo use terms.

You also agree that if you use of the images without showing the copyright notice, or if you re-distribute the images to a third party or parties, you will pay a copy-right free photographic fee of US$500 per image per use.

Virtual reality images of New Caledonia:

You may link to the virtual reality sphere images of New Caledonia on this website at no cost.

If you would like a the sphere image web-page modified with your logo and web site name, and a return hyperlink to your website when someone clicks on the "close image" button, there is a fee of US$150 which covers the set up of your special page and 24 months hosting of the image.

Larger, higher resolution images:

The 360° panoramas are not in the photo library. If you need these, or a larger image (for travel posters, double-page magazine spreads, banner, etc) or if you need an image that is not in the photo library (or need one taken) please contact us with your photo requirements.

New Caledonia Photo Libraries

Photos of New Caledonia people, wilderness and wildlife & best images,
Photos ofNew Caledonia Hotels and Accommodation



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