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Travel Agents for New Caledonia

If you want the best possible holiday in New Caledonia, contact one of the following travel agents. You will get the best financial package and have the most fun if you talk to someone who knows about New Caledonia and can help you find the accommodation in New Caledonia that suits your personal needs.

You might have a rough idea of what you want to do while on vacation in New Caledonia but a travel agent who knows about New Caledonia can offer you more suggestions of places to stay in New Caledonia, things to do in New Caledonia, and the best adventures to experience in New Caledonia.





Hideaway Holidays


Val Gavriloff,
phone 61-0208799-2500

New Caledonia travel, New Caledonia hotels & accommodation, honeymoons, weddings, resort holidays, adventure travel, diving & cruising, complete air, cruise & hotel packages available.

Junction travel


Karen Stock,
phone 02-9387-6044
fax 02-9389-2738

Specialist agent for New Caledonia Travel

Jetset Travel


Rosemarie Church,
phone 02-9585-1155


Paradise Adventures & Cruises


Heidi Gavriloff,
phone 61-02-8799-2500

New Caledonia sailing & yacht charters, cruises in the exotic South Pacific Islands of New Caledonia. Complete air, cruise, and hotel packages are available.

Moss Vale Cruise and Travel

Moss Vale

Anni Baillieu,
phone 02-4868-1177


Landmark Travel


Julia Bellis,
phone 02-9977-7100


Harvey World Travel Lane Cove

Lane Cove

Debbi Ashes,
phone 61-029418-6866
fax 61-02-9418-9997


Go Travel

Sylvania Waters

Allana Hancock,
phone 02-9522-9600
fax 02-9522-0504


Travelworld Orange


Gai Fardell,
phone 02-6362-1744
fax 02-6362-7328

Specialist agent for New Caledonia Travel

Jetset Raymond Terrace

Raymond Terrace

Nadene Cronin,
phone 02-4983-5100
fax 02-4987-1569


Travel Advantage

Castle Hill

Sharn Hemming,
phone 02-9680-2333
fax 02-9899-5439


Travelworld Bega


Kay Bowerman,
phone 02-6492-3599
fax 02-6492-3072


Travelworld Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour

Kate Bennett,
phone 02-6652-6766
fax 02-6652-6752




Travelworld Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Sue Harvy,
phone 08-8953-0488
fax 08-8952-7186




Travelworld Gladstone


Sandra Suter,
phone tollfree 1800-627277, 07-4972-7277
Fax 07-4972-7181




Wendy Jepson,
phone 07-4775-2244
fax 07-4775-2566




Jetset Croydon


Brian Brennan,
phone 9723-4200
fax 9723-4300, mobile 0419-389-367


Latrobe Valley Travel


May Sennett,
phone 03-5134-1433
fax 03-5133-9325


Travelworld Geelong


Rod Morrison,
phone 03-5223-2788
fax 03-5223-2687

New Caledonia travel specialist




Flinders Travel Port Pirie

Port Pirie

Andrea Mirra,
phone 08-8632-2677
fax 08-8632-4986


Travelscene Mount Barker

Mount Barker

Matt Strange,
phone 08-8391-5277
fax 08-8391-5280






Sant Barbara Travel

Santa Barbara

Lisa Jones
phone1-805-966-3116 ext 121
fax 1-805-965-2166

South Pacific specialist


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