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"As the travel and tourism tutor and programme coordinator, I am continually searching for useful resources for class-work. Over the last 2 years we have been fortunate to have the Rocket Guide CD Roms to assist the students' research work. I am contacting you to express the gratitude from both myself and my students for these rocket guides we use as class resources.

The direct links to current web-sites and up-to-date travel facilities knowledge means students reduce their computer search time and consequently have quality learning time on what Vanuatu offers visitors from the computer."

Penny Shaw
Tairawhiti Polytechnic

"We find the Rocket Guide to be a great learning tool for our students. They are so useful within our classrooms.

Melanie Bowman
Tourism & Hospitality TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

Travel guide to New Caledonia, New Caledonia Vacation and New Caledonia tourism information

travel guide cd on the cover of the AFTA Traveller Magazine

The Professional's Travel Guide to New Caledonia

The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia CD-ROM is the fastest, most complete, travel guide to New Caledonia ever created. Like the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu, The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia is an interactive program with a very user friendly interface based on satellite and aerial images.

The guide combines high resolution satellite and aerial images with full screen images of New Caledonia hotels, resorts in New Caledonia, New Caledonia diving, wildlife and river trekking, New Caledonia golf courses, and New Caledonia maps.

The guide presents over 700 tourism features of New Caledonia, including accommodation, activities, Noumea city maps, New Caledonia maps of all the islands and roads, points of interest and contact details.

These tourism features are shown in full screen high resolution images, including 360 degree panoramas and Virtual Reality sphere images. The images appear nearly instantly when you click or point to a link.

A travel information resource for travel professionals

We call it the Rocket Guide because it is fast and to the point. It was developed for busy travel professionals in association with the three New Caledonia provincial tourism offices and members of the New Caledonia tourism community.

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents twice featured this tourism information guide on the cover of it's official magazine, Traveller. AFTA distributed the holiday guide to 6,200 travel professionals around Australia and New Zealand. Since it's first publication in 2007 we have sold over 60,000 copies.

The travel information guide to New Caledonia gives professional travel consultants a complete, highly interactive visual database of tourism information on places to stay in New Caledonia, Noumea Hotels, information on getting there, what to do when you arrive, and detailed information on contacts, communications, and points of interest. It also makes the perfect holiday guide if you are planning your own visit to New Caledonia and want the best information available to make your travel arrangements.


Point to the cover to see the DVD

Using the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia

The Rocket Guide's full-screen satellite and aerial photographs allow you to quickly and easily learn about New Caledonia and it's tourism attractions. There are special sections on the world's largest lagoon, diving in New Caledonia, getting married in New Caledonia, holding meetings and conferences, fly/drive vacations, and gourmet restaurants.

You will find over 700 tourism facilities and activities precisely located on the space and aerial images with complete contact details and live email and website links. It's kind of like Google Earth, but much more advanced because when you locate a hotel or activity, and click on it, you zoom in to ground level for a virtual tour of the hotels, tours, dive spots, treks, casinos, and much more. OK, you'll be able to do that soon on Google Earth - but not for New Caledonia.

You also will discover where the rental car agencies are and have a map with distances between cities so you can plan a drive around the main island. You'll have the location of all the airports and domestic flight information, high speed ferries and of course all international flight routes and connections - the guide was, after all, created as a training reference for travel agents..

  • All New Caledonia
  • Zoom in
  • New Caledonia Hotels
  • Noumea
  • The Ground Level
  • Inside the rooms
  • Explore

The Rocket Guide opens with a full screen satellite image of New Caledonia and a menu that offers links to general information about New Caledonia.opening screen of the rocket guide to new caledonia interactive data CD

At any level of zoom, from the entire SW Pacific right down to ground level you can click on a link along the menu bar on the top of the window to overlay information on:

  • Getting there and around
  • Where to stay, eat, shop, play and party.
  • What to do (diving, fishing, boat charters, sports, sailing, weddings)
  • Travel tips & info
  • Communications (phone, internet, postal services).

Unlike web sites, the Rocket Guide gives big full screen razor sharp images instantly. Unlike the Internet you'll have everything right there, instantly available, and completely organized for rapid access in a standard and easy to understand navigation system. No more hunting through the myriad websites from travel wholesalers and travel agents and hotels - where you can never know if they are giving you the true information or if they are just "selling" the destination.

The Rocket Guide leaves out the "advertising" and throw-away comments like "the best" and "unsurpassed" and "magnificent" so you can make up your own mind based on imagery and clear, factual information.

Point to any part of the island and a brief summary pops up instantly with information about that area. Here I have pointed to Noumea in the southern part of New Caledonia. The guide uses a point and click navigation system to explore New Caledonia from outer space to under the sea.

new caledonia tourism guide screenshot

Click on an area to zoom down until the screen is filled with a high resolution space image of the area.

You can also use Search to quickly find any accommodation or other facility by name and go there with a single click.


Contethis Let's say you wanted to find out about hotels in New Caledonia. You click on the menu item "Where to Stay, Eat, Shop and Party" and then you click on the sub-menu item "Hotels" to see this summary of hotels and resorts everywhere in New Caledonia.

New Caledonia Hotels

Now let's imagine you wanted to stay in Noumea during your stay. You simply click on the name Noumea or on the summary bubble that shows how many hotels are in Noumea and instantly you will be looking at Noumea with a list of those hotels and resorts.

You can quickly review all the facilities just by pointing to their names on the list and within minutes you will know a much as any travel agent about which hotels are available, where they are, how many stars, and their contact details and even a hot link to their website and email.

Click on the link for the hotel you are interested in to zoom down to ground level for a closer look.

new caledonia tourism guide screenshot

The first ground level view, the welcome, shows the whole facility and a menu bar that includes Getting There, Facilities, Activities, Points of Interest and Contact details. Pretty easy. Now how about a virtual look at one of the rooms?

Click on Facilities to see the hotel's rooms, restaurants, and other features. Then pick the kind of room you might want to stay in.

new caledonia tourism guide screenshot

This is a very small version of the full screen virtual reality image you'll see on the Rocket Guide.

Click on a room to see a sphere image of the room along with a summary of what is included. It's just like standing in the room.

Click here the sphere image of la Promenade Suite Junior in full screen, like you'll see it on the guide.

This opens a new window. When it opens and the image finishes loading, click on the crossed arrow icon to make the sphere image full screen, then left click and hold while you move the cursor left or right to pan left or right or all the way around as if you were there, turning around, having a look. The only better way to see the room is to be standing in it. You'll have even more options on the guide itself - it's really much more versatile (and faster) than the examples on the Internet.

After you have had a look at the room you can check out the other facilities, activities, points of interest and contacts for the hotel - including a live link to the hotel's website, phone, fax, postal address and an automatic e-mail facility.

No matter where you are on the Rocket Guide, you can point to the goto button to see a satellite view of New Caledonia and then point and click on any other place in New Caledonia to rocket there in an instant. It's all there, from the Loyalty Islands to Isle of Pines in the far south, and all of Grande Terre. Really - it is a complete travel encyclopedia of New Caledonia with over 700 tourism facilities and activities. Throughout the guide you will find full details on tours and activities for every location, including virtual tours - like this interactive sphere image of an Ouvea Beach in the Loyalty Islands - just a 40 minute flight from Noumea.


To see this sphere image of the Ouvea, Loyalty Islands beach in full screen click here.

To see it in person buy the guide, make your plans, and fly on over!

The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia is the perfect way to explore New Caledonia and decide where to go, where to stay, how to make the most of your visit, what to avoid, and what to do.

And it's fun and best of all, it's very inexpensive. Download it right now or, if your Internet connection can't take the huge 550MB file size download order the guide on DVD. It works on any version of Windows or Macintosh.


For answers to all your questions about New Caledonia, including live email and website links, download a copy of the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia right now.


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Travel Guide to New Caledonia DVD

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